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Natural Stone Paver


travertine pool suuroundNatural stone pavers are quarried all over the world, and offer the most beauty and color options. Natural pavers are available in several sizes (ex. 12″x12” , 9″x12”, 18″x18″ etc.) and finishes (polished, chiseled edge, and tumbled).  The sizes and shapes of these pavers fool some into thinking that they are looking at tiles.  Pavers are at least 1 ¼” thick solid stones with very small sand joints between pieces.  True pavers are installed over a compacted gravel and sand base instead of concrete.  They can be driven on and freeze damage doesn’t occur.

travertine walkwayTravertine pavers and other natural stone pavers offer the best longevity of any paver type. Natural stone options include granite, sandstone, slate, limestone, marble, travertine and bluestone.  The color choices are more varied than you might expect. Limited local availability and high shipping costs place natural stone pavers in the top tier cost, but if you are searching for truly unique and gorgeous patio ideas, this may be just what your looking for. Can you imagine a travertine paver patio or driveway with bluestone borders and marble accents?

Visit to learn more about available options and colors. Visit our Concrete pavers and Patio Pavers pages to see other options for your project.