Drainage & Erosion Solutions


french drainFrench drains, curb drains, edge drains, channel drains, yard drains, downspout drains, drain boxes, and dry river beds are just some of the solutions we offer to drainage or erosion problems. We offer both simple and comprehensive drainage systems. Does your yard stay swampy or have standing water for days after a rain? Does rain water get in your basement, crawl space or garage? Let us get the water away from your house. The high clay content in our soil often results in poor drainage, especially if your property has low spots. Let us help-we can make the mud go away.

downspout drain lineWe can install a drainage system to correct your drainage or erosion problem and correct boggy or swampy problem areas with french drains or yard drains. These systems act as a sponge to soak up ground and surface water. If a wet foundation or leaky basement is the problem, we can help. Some water problems in your basement can be caused by faulty or clogged underground downspout drains. Capturing gutter and downspout water then piping it to a safe location will reduce basement leaks and other foundation issues. We also address erosion problems as part of the total solution by stopping water from washing away sod and soil. Installing yard drains and drain boxes will capture water before it destroys your yard.

dry creek bedIf the problem area is too shady to grow grass or too steep to mow, A dry stream bed, dry creek bed, dry river bed can be an attractive solution. When the rain isn’t falling, the dry creek bed can double as rock garden with an attractive selection of hearty plants. A dry creek beds cost depends on its size, the size or the rock and boulders used and how many plants line its banks. Chances are, if you have a drainage or erosion problem of any kind, we have corrected similar problems for other customers.

yard drains with corregated pipeWe start with determining the source of the water, then decide the best way to capture and redirect or remove it to a better location. Comprehensive drainage systems that carry water away from your home through french drains, downspout or gutter drains and drain boxes should be the second step in correcting drainage. Shaping the soil correctly to redirect the water away from problem areas should always be considered first. Moving water underground can create as many problems as it solves if it’s done incorrectly. We can suggest a one step at a time solution or a comprehensive all at once approach to meet your budget. We will listen to your needs and offer a solution that fits your specific situation. We use the best materials and practices for the job at hand to insure the solution we provide will be permanent. Contact us today!

clogged pipe

This is why we use PVC instead.

Never tie a foundation drain and a downspout drain together. It can force rain water directly into the drain system at the foundation and cause severe leaks into the basement or crawl space. This black ribbed and flexible pipe known as corrugated should only be used as a temporary drain pipe. They become clogged quickly in a permanent installation.




The following illustration can help you become familiar with the various types of drains, boxes and emitters.


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