Improving soil for sod installation.

Improving Your Soil for the Best Sod

Improving your existing soil to promote a deeper root system for sod can be more important than any other step in lawn renovation. Amending soil with sand and compost has been our signature soil preparation technique for about 20 years now, because it works!!! Think of amending soil as insurance for your sod investment. Clay soils compact extremely tight because clay particles are so much smaller than more sandy or organic clays. Tightly compacted soil leaves no gaps for roots to grow and attach to the nutrients they need.

Hauling in top soil to improve several inches of soil becomes too expensive very quickly. We can improve your soil by working sand and compost into it and save you money. This process will improve the absorption rate of your soil for water and nutrients and this will promote deeper sod roots. Deeper roots leads to healthier grass that is more disease and drought tolerant. We add our mix to the surface of your lawn areas then tooth up and loosen the soil to begin mixing in the sand and compost. Then we power rake and hand rake the soil to further blend the materials.

Drainage and erosion concerns (standing water or eroding soil) will be corrected while preparing the soil for sod. If there are poorly draining areas of the lawn or a high volume of runoff water flows through a part of your lawn, we correct those problems while we are amending and re-grading your lawn areas. We began amending existing soil with sand as an experiment about 20 years ago and our process has provided great results for several long term customers. Let us earn these results for you.

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