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Water in Your Basement? Find a Drainage Solution

Moisture in the basement is a recipe for trouble. That extra water can make everything smelly and promote the growth of mold and mildew. Things get really bad if your basement is finished into a living space, even a separate apartment.

What can you do to keep water away from the foundation of your home?

Start with your gutters and downspouts. Be sure your gutters are clean and downspouts are directed as far away from the walls of your home as possible. Walk around your home during a heavy rain to see where the gutters are not working properly. Check your water bill. Some leaks are due to water lines feeding your home. Look at the meter near the street to be sure the small “diamond” indicator is not moving the slightest movement indicates a slow leak. It doesn’t take much. Lastly, basement homes should have a “foundation drain” running the entire perimeter of the home at the footing level and running out to open air where the basement is walkout elevation. Find that pipe and re-expose it to open air.

What can we do to stop water from getting in?

Try New Landscaping
Reshaping or “grading” the land around your home to direct runoff water away is usually the best and most comprehensive approach. When done correctly, it can be a cosmetic improvement as well. Strategically-placed mounds, ditches and swells will redirect water and protect your home. When this work is performed properly the berms look like raised flower beds and the swells look like dry creek beds or are so wide and gently tapered that the flow of the ground is gradual enough not to notice.
Install A Drain
Attaching 4” lines to all downspouts and running them away from the house underground is always a good idea. In more severe cases, capturing water in piping or rock ditches like curtain or French drains is necessary. To conclude: Direct water away from the home with downspout drains, grade the soil so water naturally flows away, then capture and redirect surface and or ground water with drains specifically designed for your situation.
Drainage Solution Experts
Talk to the landscaping and drainage experts here at Landscape Innovations. We don’t suggest services unless you need them. Instead, we take the time to track down the source of water leaking into your basement and then we create practical solutions that meets your specific needs.

Water in your basement is a real danger to your home. Call Landscape Innovations to find out more about the drainage solutions we offer.

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