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How Is Your Retaining Wall Holding Up?

A retaining wall is easy to overlook. It might seem to be just a small property decoration but it plays a very important role.

Retaining walls hold back tons of soil that were removed for property development. Any weakness in such a wall can result in damage to your home or those of your neighbors.

To ensure that your retaining wall is going strong, carefully examine your property in these areas:

Tilting Or Bulging
If you sight down the wall and notice some indication that it’s not quite plumb, that can mean it’s ready to collapse. This is often due to saturated soil.
Not sure whether your eyes are deceiving you? Get out a long level to hold against the wall for a more accurate check.
Look Behind Decorative Facing
A wall may have been covered with a decorative wood siding. This façade won’t add much reinforcement. Remember to examine the actual wall behind it for signs of distress.
Watch For Cracks In Masonry Walls
Zig-zagging cracks might not look like much to worry about . . . until they widen.
Do You Even Have A Retaining Wall?
Old retaining walls can be hidden under new pool or porch decks. Check your home carefully if you’re not sure.
Remember: All Wood Retaining Walls Will Fail
Due to rot, all wooden walls will eventually succumb to age. Although wood is a cheap option, it won’t last for long.
Holes (Not Made By Rabbits)
Collapsed soil on the high end of the wall indicate that soil is washing out somewhere.

For an expert inspection of your current retaining wall, contact Landscape Innovations in Fayetteville.

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