Zoysia Sod after 1 month from installation

Cheap Sod Installation

We can provide cheap if that’s what you really want- the cheapest price will almost guarantee you a “quick & dirty” prep where the surface is scraped level and sod installed on the same poor soils. Hauling in some top soil is usually a sales gimmick that makes smoothing the yard easier for the contractor. Good preparation is the most important step.

Visit prepare for sod for more information on our process. Sod quality is also very important. Some sod farms ship sod that is barely mature enough to get on the pallet. If it falls apart or turns yellow before it gets installed, it will require more TLC with extra watering and weed control until it gets grown in. Really low quality may even require “top dressing” to achieve a smooth surface. You want thick roots, whole rectangles, and green grass.

“Builder grade” track housing installs are usually exactly what you do not want. Compacted non organic soil, ragged edged and supper thin sod will take lots of time and TLC. Yes, it will grow in with proper maintenance but are the savings worth it?

If you are preparing a property for sale, you can skip a few prep steps as long as the sod is good quality. If you water well and fertilize often you can keep sod alive on top of a parking lot.

You may have noticed most yards in our area have fine particle clay soils with limited to no sand or organic material. These poor soils compact MUCH more tightly than sandy based soils and because of the compaction, they block water and fertilizer from soaking into the ground and promoting deep, healthy root systems. Our process for preparing a yard usually includes amending the soil with a sand/organic mix. We spread the mix on the area then work it into the soil 3-4 inches deep. We then power rake & hand rake the areas. This process is what it takes to “insure” a healthy root system for seed or sod. Performing this kind of work takes a bit more time but will reward you with a much healthier lawn long term. You get what you pay for.

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